I was first introduced to the #pinksocks phenomenon by Alan Thomas, from ataxiaandme.org, almost a year ago. And it was during my first real-life meeting with Alan yesterday, in Barcelona*, that I became a very happy member of the #pinksocks tribe. So what’s all this #pinksocks about? Connection. A personal connection. [photo, of some very happy #pinksocks wearers, courtesy of pinksocks.life] But rather than me … Continue reading #pinksocks?

Lisbon. Get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!

Lisbon is most definitely NOT an accessible city. First of all, the city is built on a series of hills. So no matter where you are going, you will be going up/down hills. And some of the gradients are seriously wheelchair-unfriendly. But it gets worse! In their wisdom, the city planners of Lisbon have decided to cobble all of their PAVEMENTS. Not the roads though … Continue reading Lisbon. Get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E!

Accessible Lisbon. Museu Arqueológico do Carmo.

A fuller report will come later, but I really must highlight this attraction now. The age of a building is often used as an excuse (and let’s face it, an excuse is what it is), for not making it accessible to all. And buildings don’t come much older than a ruined monastery. But there are people, good people, who are so proud of their attraction, … Continue reading Accessible Lisbon. Museu Arqueológico do Carmo.

Stock up for Christmas with 25% off at Hamleys.

With Christmas round the corner now is the perfect time to start shopping with an amazing 25% off toys at Hamleys! Please see full details below: 25% off on selected toys at Hamleys! Now available in the KW Shop: https://kiltedwalker.com/the-kw-shop/ ALL INCOME FROM THE KW SHOP IS USED TO FUND THE CONTINUATION OF MY ATAXIA FUNDRAISING/AWARENESS-RAISING “WALKS”. Continue reading Stock up for Christmas with 25% off at Hamleys.

Accessible Barcelona. Barcelona for all.

Visit Barcelona. The enjoyable way. There are probably three reasons why you are planning to visit Barcelona: 1. You want to experience a true Spanish city. Meet real Spaniards. Eat real Spanish food. And witness the people of Spain truly enjoying their Mediterranean life. If this is what you are looking for – then go to Valencia! Seriously. It’s an amazing city. Typically Spanish. And, … Continue reading Accessible Barcelona. Barcelona for all.

TIB. Shame on you!

I like to think that I’m a pretty reasonable person. And am always quick to point out excellent attitudes to disability/accessible facilities. But I am just as vocal when I encounter behaviour and practices that belong in the Middle Ages. And unfortunately for those involved, my “walks” are now getting quite a lot of media attention. So any failings are well-publicised. So the award for … Continue reading TIB. Shame on you!