The Question That You’re All Asking….

How? How the heck can you afford all of these fundraising/awareness-raising trips?

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “A week in Mallorca; then Barcelona, Madrid & Seville; now the Algarve. How do you do it? Have you found that Magic Money Tree?”.

The answer is pretty boring actually: We could all do it!

You just need to be a bit clever. And use a few not-so-secret travel hacks.


This will most likely be your biggest expense. So you will probably end up spending more time on this than on anything else. But it’s not about the length of time that you spend on it that makes it cheaper, it’s how wisely you use your time.

First, Airbnb.

To try and get people to use their service in the first place, Airbnb are currently giving away £31 off your first trip costing over £57. And as I’ve seen places go for as little as £15 a night, in reality this means a 4-night stay for just £29 (or a two-night stay in a seriously nice place; or somewhere right in the heart of the action).

Next is hotels (I usually use this only as a last resort).

Running a business in the online hotel industry for 16 years did have its benefits. I now know where to look, and where to avoid.

And it doesn’t take long. There are only two places that I look (there should only be the one, but sometimes not all properties show up on a Trivago search – so I look at both):

So first I check Trivago – this will show me the cheapest/best room for my budget wherever I am.

Then I always check – initially, just in case some of their properties don’t show up on Trivago, but also because they work slightly differently to a lot of other online hotel booking platforms, and sometimes new rooms just magically appear (it’s not really magic, but hoteliers can add rooms that have not sold elsewhere – right up to your arrival).


There was a good reason that I chose “walking”. Yes, it was deliberately chosen because it would raise awareness of the fact that ataxia would take this ability next.

But I also chose walking because it is FREE.

Well, that was last year. As long-distance walking is now out of the question, I have to rely on other means of transport between the cities I am visiting this year to assess the accessibility of their most-popular visitor attractions.

And in Europe, the cheapest way is usually the bus.

Time your booking/date-of-travel right, and you can get a 10-hour bus journey for less than a tenner!

As well as Eurolines (which are everywhere in Europe – they own a lot of european national bus companies too), you should also look at FlixBus (also Europe-wide), and if in France, also check Ouibus (run by SNCF – the French national rail company).


I also earn a few pennies whenever anyone purchases something through The KW Shop. I like to think of it as an online shopping mall. All of the big retailers are taking part.

And simply by following the links in the shop, you end up at the exact same place, with the exact same prices and offers. Better than just that though, at least one of these retailers will be having a sale at any given moment. And to give me time to create graphics etc., the retailers usually give me advance notice of these sales. Advance warning that I simply pass on to you (along with any special codes they tell me about).

So, go on – feel free to buy something 😉 – The KW Shop

So that’s the “big secret”. It’s not voodoo.

We can all do it (well, except for the shop). There are big savings to be made on your accommodation and transport. Your two biggest expenses.

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