It never rains – but it POURS!

SNCF are on strike. Again!

I’m sure that they have a good reason, and I totally respect their right to withhold their labour.

But still!

So there is absolutely no way that I can get to Toulouse in time for my bus to San Sebastian in Spain this evening.

Fortunately, the bus that I had booked (from Toulouse to San Sebastian) this evening, is operated by OUIBUS, who are also owned by SNCF. And I could easily cancel my ticket.

But the refund is in the way of a credit towards another bus journey with them, but as I will eventually head to San Sebastian anyway, I will use the credit.

But this had left me with a bit of a problem here in Carcassonne.

I had nowhere to stay!

And I had overheard the LOVELY, LOVELY woman at reception this morning say to a telephone caller that the hotel was full!

But I headed back here anyway, as I have been well taken-care of here over the last few days. And I knew that there would be no problem if I just sat in the hotel reception area, and used their wifi, even if it was to arrange accommodation elsewhere.


But on hearing of my plight, a room was found for me here 🙂

I can’t thank the staff at the Hôtel de la Bastide enough for all that they have done over the last few days.

And now, this!

Thank You!!!! 🙂

Still: The striking French rail staff have made my mind up for me.

My knee was feeling a lot better this morning, and I was actually starting to wish that I could follow the canal to Toulouse, as originally planned.

The only thing that was stopping me though, was the bus ticket that I had bought.

But Now? No ticket anymore!

So it’s back to “business as usual” tomorrow 🙂


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