2 thoughts on “A Walk Across Canada (3,900 miles).

  1. Iain – a friend, originally from Scotland, sent me a news article about your walk. Amazing stuff! I live in Nova Scotia – about an hour and a bit’s drive from Halifax and have family in the Halifax area. We’re originally from Scotland but have been in Canada for 50 years now (I’m 57). I’ve helped a couple of cross-Canada runners and have been an organizer of Terry Fox Runs in the past – Terry sort of started this going across Canada to raise funds idea, which I’m pretty sure you know about. I’ve done a fair bit of hiking/walking (and running and cycling) myself – back in 2014 I spent 53 days hiking the length of the Scottish National Trail from Kirk Yetholm to Cape Wrath – a solo hike. Anyhow – seems you plan to start your hike in Halifax on 30 April and I will see if I can be there for the start and perhaps I could spend a day or two somewhere along the way in NS hiking/walking with you, if you’re amenable to such. Hope the Arran walk is fun – gorgeous place is Arran! All the best – I’ll follow your blog. Slainte.

    1. Excellent! Of course you are more than welcome Alasdair. My starting date is not set in stone yet – but April 30 is the most likely candidate. I’m only hoping to get as far as Winnipeg (possibly as far as Calgary) though, in 2017. Completing the rest in Summer 2018 (Canada is just *too* big for me to do in one year, before it gets too cold for a kilt 😉

      I’ll keep in touch with you via Facebook (as said over there).

      The media ball is finally rolling (well, in Scotland at least). STV (the national TV broadcaster over here) have just done an excellent piece. Great for raising more awareness – they can reach *so* many more people than I do just by walking/talking:


      Yes Arran should be amazing. I spent most of my childhood summers over there, so I know what to expect. But I will be walking with a couple from Kent in England, and it will be their first time in the west of Scotland. So I’m pretty excited to be able to show them around. There was a TV program on a few nights ago – about Arran. And showed rather-elusive otters seen from the beach (so you never know).

      They are quite an interesting couple too. In 2014 they climbed Kilimanjaro with their son (another Iain who spells his name correctly 😉 ). On its own, this doesn’t sound so remarkable. But once you learn that Iain has Friedreich’s Ataxia – and got to the summit in his WHEELCHAIR, it becomes rather inspiring.

      Read up on “IainsKiliChallenge” – and prepare to be rather impressed!

      Iain 🙂

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