You can be part of my journey.

As well as physically helping myself on these walks (my GP did say to walk as far as possible – I doubt he meant *this* far though), I am also raising money for Ataxia UK, the registered ataxia charity here in the UK. Which means minimising costs where possible.

So to help fund my walk across Canada, my most ambitious walk to date, I am looking for a limited number of overall walk sponsors, and supporters who will help me along the way.

And the good news for supporters?

This is now a very visible event.

As it has to be. As my main aim for these walks (over-and-above raising funds for Ataxia UK), is to raise public awareness of the ataxia condition. And, as a result, I am always looking for positive publicity. To date, my walks have been reported in a daily newspaper (in Parma, Italy); on a local TV news programme (in Lille, France); and in my proudest moment to date, an exhaustive article appeared in the Ayrshire Post. The editor obviously thought that the event was rather newsworthy, for in addition to the expected page 3 article, a photograph was also displayed on the FRONT PAGE! The article has now found its way onto the Daily Record’s online edition (the Daily Record is the biggest-selling Scottish tabloid newspaper):

And, just a few days ago, the story was also featured by the Sunday Post (the second biggest-selling Scottish Sunday newspaper):

When it comes to raising awareness, national media exposure is the “Holy Grail”.

If this was the sum of the exposure that my walks receive, then I would already be a happy man. But this is just the icing on the cake. I take a lot of photographs as I go, and broadcast these, including links to my sponsors’ websites/social media pages, “live” (or within a few hours) to my social media audience that now numbers in excess of 30,000 followers. Mainly on Twitter, at @kiltedwalker (my main account), @100trains (a personal account for my previous 2013 railway journey) and @hotrev (a former “work” account – in the days when employment was more important for me); but now also, increasingly these days, on Facebook at:

And you can share in this widespread, and rather positive, coverage.

And receive excellent advertising/PR for you/your business.

Be Part Of It….

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